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Top Behavior of High-Performing Sales Reps

At Strava Technology Group, we’ve done research that shows a large disconnect between buyers and sellers. In this video, we cover the disconnect between buyers and sellers on the first call: When your company implements Microsoft Dynamics 365, you’ll be incorporating programming that drives business and encourages sellers to interact with buyers in a way […]

FastTrack: Rapid, Fixed Cost Implementation Service for Microsoft Dynamics 365

At Strava Technology Group, we offer more than 15 years of experience providing implementation services for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365. However, understanding the different needs of businesses of all sizes, we have developed one of the world’s most advanced rapid implementation services — FastTrack.   Applying our FastTrack service for Microsoft Dynamics 365 to your […]

Dynamics 365 October 2018 Release Notes

Microsoft has published the release notes for the October 2018 update to Dynamics 365. There are 90+ new capabilities being added to the platform, lot’s to look forward to. In this post we highlight the new functionality being released to the Marketing, Sales and Service areas of Dynamics 365. To review the full release notes, […]

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Overview

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Overview. I attended a 2 day deep dive on Business Central at Microsoft in Manhattan and wanted to share an overview of this new offering. Microsoft Business Central is a full, cloud-based ERP & accounting application. It is the cloud version of Microsoft Navision which has been available for many […]

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing vs ClickDimensions

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing vs ClickDimensions, an initial comparison. Microsoft has released their Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing module, this article is an initial review of the module and high-level comparison to ClickDimensions (the other mainstream marketing automation option for Dynamics 365). Availability – There are a few different subscription options for the Marketing module. […]

Top Reasons CRM Projects Fail

Top Reasons CRM Projects Fail By understanding the top reasons CRM projects fail you can take steps to mitigate these issues. CRM implementation projects are complex and riddled with landmines that can cause significant issues or even failure. In 2001 Gartner published one of the first studies examining failure rates of CRM initiatives, they found […]

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Pricing Updates -What To Know

Microsoft Dynamics 365 pricing has been updated as of April 2. There are a number of important changes to the pricing model and some new additions as well. The video below provides in-depth information on the new pricing and licensing info. For more information visit our Dynamics 365 pricing & licensing page or feel free […]

Strava authored 3 of the top 10 blog posts in 2017

We are happy to learn that we have the #1 article and 3 of the top 10 blog articles on the CRM Software in 2017- The blog that landed us the number one spot is the Dynamics 365 July 2017 Update The #5 and #7 articles were Dynamics 365 Business Edition Canceled Before it Ever Saw […]

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Edition – New Product Direction

Last week Microsoft announced that the Dynamics 365 Business Edition would not be released (not with the name “Business Edition”) In a post on 9/22 Microsoft’s Alysa Taylor laid out the plans for Dynamics 365. To “further simplify” Dynamics 365 offerings and “increase ease of selection” Microsoft will offer a single collection of Dynamics 365 […]

Are your Sales Reps Behaving? Manage with Dynamics 365

Are your sales reps behaving? I have been doing a lot of research recently for a client that wants to build best practice behavior into their sales team and manage it with Dynamics 365. I have read research from all the top sales benchmark and behavioral analysis firms. In compiling this information I have found […]

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