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User Adoption with Microsoft CRM/Dynamics 365

This is part 1 of a series of blogs on user adoption with Microsoft CRM/Dynamics 365… the Achilles heel of CRM. I will examine real-world causes of CRM user adoption failure and how to avoid or recover from the top issues that cause user adoption issues. If you are not monitoring user adoption your Dynamics […]

Paula Brainard joins the Strava Team – Welcome

We are very happy to announce that Paula Brainard has joined Strava Technology Group as a Vice President & Partner. Paula will focus on Project Management & Client Success. Paula has over 17 years experience with Customer Relationship Management/Sales Force Automation and has helped many businesses achieve success with CRM through proper requirements analysis, solution […]

The days of expensive, complex CRM implementations are coming to an end

I have been helping businesses implement Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions for almost 20 years. I began in the days where “Sales Force Automation (SFA)” was the buzz-term and market leaders were GoldMine & Act. While a lot has changed in the CRM space over the years history repeats itself and that is happenning in […]

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Phones has Stopped – What to Know

If you are attempting to use Dynamics 365 for phones on an Android device and get the error: Dynamics 365 for Phones has stopped try clearing the applications cache: First, navigate to Settings on your device. Go to Apps, Application Manager Find the Dynamics 365 for Phones application and click on it Click on the Storage option […]

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