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Experience sets us apart

The Sträva team has extensive experience helping wholesale distributors achieve success with CRM. Our leadership team has a combined 60+ years of experience helping wholesale distributors evaluate, plan, implement and support technology initiatives. Collectively we have helped hundreds of distributors achieve success with Customer Relationship Management.

Industry Leading Solutions

We offer two industry leading solutions; Microsoft Dynamics 365 (formerly Dynamics CRM) and Tour de Force CRM.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a platform that includes functionality across communication/collaboration, sales, marketing, customer service (CRM) and financials. Intelligence is built into the platform and enables you to learn from your data and drive behavior across your teams. Dynamics 365 runs in the cloud, is fully mobile-enabled and integrates with Microsoft Outlook.

Tour de Force is an ideal solution built for Wholesale Distributor sales organizations. Our software solutions were created with sales teams in mind, keeping a heavy focus on SFA (sales force automation). The Tour de Force solution is designed to provide the tools that salespeople need to do their job more efficiently and more effectively, resulting in more sales closed. Learn More

More affordable than you may think

Implementing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution may be more affordable than you think. Rapid advances in technology have brought economies of scale to the CRM market. What may have been custom development just a few years ago may now be in-built, configurable functionality reducing the cost of an implementation.

Investing in a solution that is designed for your industry also reduces total cost of ownership. Desirable functionality specific to your industry is part of the core product and built based on the input of many of your industry peers.

Partnering with a provider that understands your industry is key to success and lowers your total cost of ownership. We have “been there, done that” with many distributors and can share valuable best practice guidance based on many years of experience. We have seen what works and doesn’t and will guide you to success with Customer Relationship Management.

Our Approach

Our approach is refreshing and different than other providers. You won’t hear us talk about billable hours, rather we focus on solutions.

We invest the time upfront to fully understand your goals & challenges allowing us to present a solution based cost. This allows you to invest in a solution rather than just billable hours.

“I selected Sträva because they took the time to understand our business and our goals with Dynamics 365. I also like their model of providing a solution vs. just selling hourly services. This aligns us both to the successful outcome of the project the way a true partnership should be. Everyone on Sträva’s  team has many years of experience with the Dynamics solution and were able to provide valuable consultative guidance. I highly recommend Sträva”

Judith Ward, President—Advanced Enviro Systems

Powerful functionality tailored for Wholesale Distributors

  • Targeted Marketing – Utilizing the integrated ERP data you are able to perform highly targeted marketing. Market based on items/product groups/vendor lines a customer has purchased in the past (or not purchased). Build dynamic marketing lists based on industry, past product purchases etc.

  • Website Integration – Learn who is visiting your web site and what information they are viewing and create actions to be taken by your sales team.

  • Lead/Prospect Management – Set and manage goals for lead development & follow through to assure leads are being followed up on

  • Pipeline Management – Improve your teams pipeline management and hold sales reps accountable for consistent pipeline management

  • Account Management – In a highly transactional, commodity driven business it is paramount to proactively manage and grow the relationships with existing customers. Give your sales team intelligence that enables them to fully understand their customers, uncover opportunity and spot problems. Our solutions give you a deep customer profile including sales & profit analysis, quote/opportunity analysis, suggested actions and more.

  • Drive the right behavior – CRM solutions have evolved from largely a management reporting tool to a solution that drives goal-driven behavior. We can take your historical sales data and perform analysis on that data to uncover opportunity and drive accountable actions to your sales team. For example we can identify by industry/customer class the items/groups/vendor lines that customers typically purchase and the volume of purchases, seasonality etc. We utilize this data to look for outliers (i.e. through our analysis we discover that your average customer in X industry purchases 3 specific product groups and spends $X on average. We pinpoint accounts that do not meet this average and target them for action by the account manager).

FREE Consultation – Learn how a properly implemented, industry leading CRM solution could do for your Wholesale Distribution business

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