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Dynamics 365 Pricing as of October 2019

March 13, 2020 by in Uncategorized

Dynamics 365 pricing changed on October 1, 2019 Microsoft dramatically changed the model in which they licensed Dynamics 365. Previously, Microsoft provided three different licensing plans within Dynamics 365: The Customer Engagement Plan, Unified Operations Plan or Dynamics 365 Plan. Within those plans, all associated applications were provided at a fixed price per user per month. Microsoft replaced this outdated licensing model with a new and improved model that will better benefit your company. In this blog, we will discuss how the new licensing will impact your business, what the new model is and a break down of how to figure out what you will need.

What is the new Dynamics 365 Pricing Model, and Why Does it Matter?

Unlike the previous Dynamics 365 Pricing Model which forced organizations to license employees with all features of the chosen plan, the new Licensing Model provides companies with the ability to focus licensing on core of their employees. The new licensing model requires each user to start with a basic license based on the area of the business they work in. The basic licenses are offered at the same standard price, but now have the option for new Attach Licenses. Attach Licenses are for employees who need to access multiple areas of Dynamics such as Sales and Customer Service. The new Attach License for the second area they need access to costs a fraction of the price of the base license. The higher price application needs to be the base license.

How to choose the right license

The new Pricing Model might look complex at first, but let me assure you, it is much more efficient and cost effective for your company!  The essential areas of Dynamics 365 still are Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, Finance, Supply Chain Management, Project Service Automation, Retail and Talent. Based on the tasks and responsibilities of an employee, you would select the base license out of these that best applies. If that employee has responsibilities in a secondary field, you simply license that secondary need as an Attach License. For example, a Sales Enterprise base license could have a Customer Service, Field Service or Project Service Automation Attach License.
Dynamics 365 pricing
What this means to existing customers

If you are currently a Dynamics 365 Customer, this new model will cause no change to your existing agreement. The new Licensing Model become effective for you at the end of your current agreement. At that point, a basic license must be selected for each of your employees with Attach Licenses if necessary.

Important Steps to ensure your success
Determine when your current agreement is due for renewal – This will determine when this change will affect you
Make a list of all Dynamics 365 users and what their core functions are and any secondary or tertiary functions – This will help determine what Base & Attach Licenses they need.

Obtain the new Subscription Licenses
Reach out to us! – We’re a Top Dynamics 365 partner with 16+ years of experience and experts in this new Licensing Model. We will help you through this transition!

Alongside the new Dynamics 365 Licensing Model, there is a new Microsoft CRM available. Power-CRM is a next-generation, cloud-based CRM solution built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM/365 and Powerapps Platform. Power-CRM was designed by a team of Customer Relationship Management experts with over 20 years of experience implementing CRM software for businesses worldwide. Power-CRM is built with the key concepts of being Affordable, Easy to Use, Pre-Configured out of box and with state-of-the-art built-in process around best practice of sales and support.

Power-CRM and Dynamics 365 share the same platform, database, user interface, mobile, and Outlook clients. You can mix and match Power-CRM and Dynamics CRM/365 licenses enabling you to license each user based on the specific functionality needed.

On average, nobody users more than 40% of the features of Dynamics 365 but are paying for 100% of them. Power-CRM was made specifically to be affordable for any sized business and focus on the features your users will be using. Power-CRM’s interface is so easy to use that most users can begin using Power-CRM with no formal training.

Need Help with Dynamics 365 Licensing?

Sträva is a top Microsoft Dynamics CRM/365 partner with a single mission – to help businesses solve challenges and grow by leveraging Microsoft based Customer Relationship Management solutions. We are a Tier-1 Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider and one of only 125 Microsoft Managed Partners with 100% focus on CRM. Our leadership team has over 16 years’ experience with Dynamics CRM (now Dynamics 365) and have devoted their careers to helping businesses evaluate, implement, extend and support CRM solutions. We offer end-to-end services on Dynamics CRM/365 and the Microsoft Power Platform. For more information, please visit our website for more information.

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