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FastTrack Implementation Services for Microsoft Dynamics 365

August 2, 2018 by in About Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft CRM Software Implementation, Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Overview, Microsoft Dynamics CRM User Adoption
FastTrack for Microsoft Dynamics 365

FastTrack implementation services for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Announcing FastTrack Implementation Services for Microsoft Dynamics 365. FastTrack is a fixed cost/scope, rapid implementation service that gets your company up and running quickly and cost-effectively. We offer FastTrack for Dynamics 365 Sales, Marketing or Service.

Why a “rapid” implementation approach works – There are several things coming together in the CRM space that enables a FastTrack model to work very well. The Dynamics 365 solution has been greatly enhanced over the last several years, more and more functionality has been added to the product that previously would have required significant customization or even custom programming. Examples include Project Service Automation, Field Service, AI & Machine Learning. Also, significant improvements in the backend of the platform enable us to shift our focus from customization to configuration which can be done in a rapid approach.

Customers are demanding a lower cost, quicker time to value implementation model. I wrote a blog a while back “The Days of expensive, complex CRM implementations are coming to an end” With the shift to the cloud came a shift in how companies invest in technology, from capital expenditures (heavy investment upfront) to operating expenditures (pay over time). This is also causing organizations to re-examine how they consume professional services. We invented a new category – Professional Services as a Service (PSaaS). This allows organizations to consume professional services in a similar way to how they consume the technology.

Beware! Not all “rapid” implementations are alike! We built FastTrack based on 15 years experience implementing the Dynamics CRM/365 solution. We know what works and doesn’t. The old adage you get what you pay for is very true in professional services engagements. Putting budget/cost over a clear path to success is a fatal mistake for the project. Most rapid models for Dynamics 365 are too rapid, they are missing key elements that are required to successfully implement an enterprise-class CRM solution. An example is around new business development and lead management. Most rapid offerings jump right to configuring the lead screens and largely leave it to the customer to determine the processes. The big missing piece is consultative guidance on the process that will be implemented along with the technology. Key elements are not addressed such as what is the qualification criteria for leads, required follow up and touchpoints by the salesperson, what is the trigger for a lead to convert to an opportunity, how will management monitor lead follow up. Also most rapid models do not spend near enough time on requirements analysis. Requirements analysis are critical to success with any CRM project. Ask just about any company that has had a failed CRM implementation, they will cite lack of proper requirements analysis as a failure point. Our FastTrack model begins with a planning session to take you through all the key elements of a successful implementation with a focus on requirements and business process.

Phasing is important. In a lower cost, rapid model some more complex use cases cannot be accomplished in a phase 1 rollout. We find that in most cases in a phase 1 your users are not ready for more complex use cases, they need to accomplish the basic blocking and tackling of CRM first. It is important to have a phased plan for any implementation. Our road mapping services are very helpful to plan and execute the longer term deployment model.

Is FastTrack a good fit for you? The sweetspot client for FastTrack is typically one not using a current CRM system, does not have overly complex sales, marketing or support processes and does not need integrations with other systems. We also find that smaller projects are a better fit for a rapid implementation model (a few users to around 20). If your implementation is larger but feel a rapid model is a good fit we are happy to discuss it with you.

We are there for you ongoing – Another key component to our FastTrack model is the ongoing engagement that is included – Total Solution Management. Total Solution Management is a comprehensive managed service for Dynamics 365 that provides ongoing support, configuration/enhancement services, training and consultative guidance. This keeps the project moving forward over the longer term roadmap and assures the solution stays aligned to the business and driving value.

Is it time? If your organization needs a Sales, Marketing and/or Customer Service solution but cannot spend the average $2000 to $5000 per user in upfront implementation services let’s talk! We have been able to reduce Dynamics 365 implementation budgets by up to 70% without compromising value. Click here for more information on FastTrack, call us at 844.8.STRAVA (844.878.7282) or email us at

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