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Kanban Boards in Dynamics 365

February 12, 2024 by in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Technical
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A kanban board is a tool to help visualize work items like sales opportunities, cases, and projects. It also allows end users to easily drag and drop work items into the different status or stages vs opening records and changing fields.

For example, in the below screenshot the kanban board for sales opportunities allows the sales team to easily drag opportunities into the different stages of their sales cycle:

Kanban board for Microsoft Dynamics 365

How to add kanban boards in Dynamics 365

Kanban boards in Dynamics 365 can be added to:

  • Activities
  • Sales Opportunities 
  • Cases
  • Projects
Dynamics 365 licensing required: Sales or Customer Service Pro or higher 
Security Roles Required (to add the kanban control): System Administrator

Add the kanban control to any of the above entities

  1. Log into Dynamics 365 (Sales or Customer Service Apps)
  2. Click on the gear icon at the top right
  3. Click on Advanced Settings 
  4. The Business Management settings page opens in a new browser tab.

    On the navigation bar, select Settings and then under Customization, select Customizations.

    Select Customize the System.

    Under Components in the solution explorer, expand Entities and then select Activity, Opportunity or Case

    Go to the Controls tab and select Add Control.

Dynamics 365 Kanban board

5. In the Add Control dialog box, select Kanban and then select Add.

7. The Read-only grid is the default option, so when users go to the entity (in our example – Opportunities), they see a read-only grid of opportunities (the default view you are likely used to). To view the Kanban board, users will click on the Show As dropdown on the top toolbar then click on Kanban.

To make the Kanban view the default view instead, select the radio button for Web on the Kanban control:

Dynamics 365 Kanban board

Select the Kanban board view:

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