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Dynamics 365 for Marketing

Now customer insights journeys

Dynamics 365 for Marketing (now Customer Insights Journeys is a powerful tool that can help organizations generate leads, track marketing analytics, and create personalized customer journeys.

Customer Insights Journeys is tailored for large/enterprise organizations or those with advanced marketing automation needs. (for small-medium size businesses see ClickDimensions)

Our GetONBoard services for Customer Insights Journeys is a rapid, fixed-cost suite of services to get your solution installed and configured quickly and affordably. 

Schedule a call with one of our Dynamics 365 Customer Insights Journeys experts who can help with a demonstration, pricing, and more information about our onboarding services

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Dynamics 365 CRM Marketing Solutions

Also see ClickDimensions Marketing Automation for Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing enables full marketing automation built in to Dynamics 365 — no more exporting/importing lists. Sales and Marketing are working in the same platform, sharing the same data and improving collaboration.

Perform powerful targeted marketing — taking leads through a defined journey and when they engage, pass the lead to sales.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing can be purchased stand-alone or added to an existing subscription. 

We have helped many organizations evaluate, plan, implement and support Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing. Our guidance goes beyond the technology to solve real marketing challenges.  

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Multichannel Campaigns

Attract the best leads from LinkedIn, email, web landing pages, events, webinars, and more. Extend the solution to custom channels like chat or SMS. 

LinkedIn Integration

Use LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms to automatically sync leads captured on LinkedIn with your Dynamics 365 system so that your sales and marketing teams can develop and nurture them.

Event Management

Keep all the information about your event venues, logistics, ticketing, sessions, speakers, sponsors, and more in one place so your whole team can coordinate while working on them. 

Landing Pages

Create and publish professional looking landing pages to capture visitors as leads or contacts.

Automated, Interactive Journeys

Create multi-step, multichannel campaigns that  target specific segments. 

Visibility & Insights

Real-time dashboards, alerts and powerful reporting capabilities assure you are always informed.

Automated, Interactive Journeys

Customer journey orchestration lets marketers create multiple-step, multichannel marketing campaigns that target a specific segment, deliver marketing email messages, respond to contact interactions, launch Dynamics 365 workflows, and more.

Key campaign-automation features include:

  • A library of predesigned and custom templates to instantly outline your basic strategy
  • Visual drag-and-drop journey designer
  • All marketing content available in one place, viewable and editable by using embedded content designers
  • Event-driven, extensible automation
  • During and after execution, in-place insights provided by the designer so you can see where contacts went and what they did there
  • The ability to create custom channels in customer journeys to extend the marketing capabilities

Powerful Email Designer

Email is a key component of most online marketing campaigns. Use the drag-and-drop marketing-email designer to create attractive messages quickly, based on professional, customizable templates. All templates are carefully designed to look great on a wide variety of devices, platforms, and email clients.

Key marketing email design features include:

  • Simple, no-code, drag-and-drop content designer
  • Professional email templates to speed up email creation
  • General and client-specific email previews
  • Seamless integration with Litmus, a third-party service that specializes in generating pixel-perfect previews that show how your messages will look on nearly any combination of clients, form factors, and orientations
  • HTML code editor for adding advanced customization and dynamic content, easy collaboration between power users and business users, and importing templates and designs from other systems
  • Detailed open, click, and forward results for each message
  • Heatmap, location maps, and other advanced visualizations of email results

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Event Management

Plan, promote, and manage marketing events and webinars.

Live events and webinars are often a vital sales-and-marketing channel, but they can be very complex to arrange, execute, and follow up on. The Dynamics 365 event management feature helps you every step of the way — from initial planning and budgeting, through promotion and publication, attendee registration, webinar broadcasting, final analytics, lead generation, and evaluation of ROI.

Landing Pages

Create and publish professional-looking landing pages to capture website visitors as contacts or leads.

Other types of landing pages include subscription centers, which enable contacts to manage their mailing list subscriptions, and forward-to-a-friend pages. 

Design your marketing pages by using the graphical, drag-and-drop content designer, which works just like the one provided for designing marketing email messages. When your page is ready, publish it to make it available to users on the internet. The system uses the standard Dynamics 365 portals feature to publish and operate all marketing pages.

Marketing Only

$ 1500 Monthly
  • Includes 10,000 contacts
  • Additional 5000 contacts $250/month
  • Includes Social Engagement, Voice of the Customer, 1 production instance and 1 portal

Attach to Existing Dynamics 365 Subscription

$ 750 Monthly
  • Requires Sales or Customer Service Enterprise Licenses
  • Includes 10,000 contacts
  • Additional 5000 contacts $250/month
  • Requires 10 or more full user licenses of Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, Project Automation Service, Finance, Supply Chain Management or Retail

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Our FastTrack for Dynamics 365 is a fixed cost, rapid time to value implementation service. Get up and running in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost of other providers.

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