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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Pricing Change Coming in October

September 16, 2019 by in Uncategorized
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Pricing Changing in October

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Licensing & Pricing Changes

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On October 1st Microsoft Dynamics 365 Licensing and Pricing changes will take effect. Microsoft is moving from “one size fits all” based licensing to individual app based licensing. 

The “Plan” based licensing will no longer be available after August 1st. Examples of plan licensing includes the Customer Engagement Plan which included Sales Enterprise, Customer Service Enterprise, etc. 

Another significant change is that Dynamics 365 Enterprise licenses will no longer include PowerApps or Flow licensing. Enterprise license users can continue to run PowerApps applications within their Dynamics 365 environments but running PowerApps applications in non-Dynamics 365 environments will require an additional PowerApps license.An additional Flow license will also be required to run Flows that do not map to a Dynamics 365 application context. 

The Finance & Operations plan license will no longer be available, it is replaced by two application licenses – Supply Chain Management and Finance.

When will this impact you? These changes will impact existing customers at their renewal period.

Base & Attach – The new licensing model will be based on each user having a base license and being able to add attach licenses.  

Dynamics 365 Pricing as of October 1st

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Pricing

Customers will need to select a base license for every user and optionally any attach licenses. For example, if you have an individual user who requires both Sales and Customer Service Enterprise application functionality, you may subscribe to the Sales Enterprise Base license for $95 and add the Customer Service Attach license for $20. The total Per User Per Month (PUPM) rate for this user is $115.

The higher price application needs to be the base application. 

If a user only needs one application you will subscribe them to any allowable base application. 



Important Steps to Take NOW

Determine what your licensing renew date is – This is an important step to understanding when this will impact you

Make a list of all Dynamics 365 users and what licenses they will require

Obtain the new subscription licenses.

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