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Multi Factor Authentication with Microsoft Office 365 & Dynamics CRM/365

June 9, 2017 by in About Microsoft Dynamics 365, Dynamics 365 Technical, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Technical, Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Overview, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Technical

Security is on everyone’s mind and has been for quite some time. I can think of no other top-of-mind security concern than securing data in Office 365 and CRM. The “standard” level of security with Office 365 & Dynamics CRM/365 is just a password. Passwords can be guessed, hacked, shared unintentionally putting your most critical data at risk.

The answer is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). MFA is a method of authentication that requires the use of more than one verification method and adds a second layer of security to user logins. It works by requiring any one or more of the following verification methods:

• Randomly generated passcode (text or app)
• Phone call
• Smart card (virtual or physical)
• A biometric device

An Office 365 Administrator can configure MFA by turning the feature on for specific or all users. After this feature is enabled, the user will be prompted to setup a two-step verification process when they login to Office 365. The user can select from several options to continue the verification process.

We recommend setting up more than one verification method. The randomly generated passcode option is a very secure method. Each user downloads the Microsoft Authenticator app for their smartphone.  The application is available for every major phone OS at their respective app store.

When logging into Office 365/Dynamics CRM/365 the user enters their user ID and password, they are then prompted to enter a randomly generated code that is generated in the authenticator app. The code changes every 30 seconds and allows the user to be authenticated. Even if someone has a user’s password they would be unable to login without providing the authenticator code that is unique to the user.

We highly recommend setting up multi-factor authentication for not only Office 365 & Dynamics CRM/365 but any application that supports MFA.

If you would like help setting this up let us know! 844.8.STRAVA (844.878.7282) or visit us at

Once you have MFA in place you can rest a little easier that your data is more secure. Now please… just go do it!

About the Author: David Buggy is a veteran of the CRM industry with 18 years of experience helping businesses transform by leveraging Customer Relationship Management technology. He has over 14 years of experience with Microsoft CRM and has helped hundreds of businesses plan, implement and support CRM initiatives. David is the President and Founder of Strava Technology Group, a firm that is 100% focused on helping businesses achieve success with Microsoft CRM and Dynamics 365. To reach David give him a call – 844-8-STRAVA 844-878-7282).

About David Buggy

David Buggy is the Founder & President of Strava Technology Group, a NJ based top Microsoft partner and one of the most experienced partners in the Microsoft channel on Customer Relationship Management. David is a veteran of the CRM industry with over 20 years of experience helping businesses successfully adopt and manage Customer Relationship Management solutions. David and his team have helped hundreds of organizations including Salvation Army, Stuart Haas Racing, and Penn State University plan, implement and support CRM initiatives. To learn more about Strava Technology Group visit

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