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Power Apps Per App User License


Power Apps per App license entitles a user to create applications and run up to 2 Power Apps and 1 portal. The per-app license is $10 per user/month.


Allows users to build and/or run up to 2 Power Apps and 1 portal. 

Power Apps per-app plan allows organizations to get started with the platform at a lower entry point. Customers on the per-app plan typically start with 1-2 leading use case scenarios before adopting the platform more broadly. Power Apps per-app plan is also an attractive licensing option to license end users that run only a few apps.

Power Apps per-app plan allows individual users to run 2 custom applications (be it canvas or model or both) and access 1 custom portal based on the full capabilities of Power Apps.

• Embedded canvas apps within a model-driven app will not count towards the two-app limit.
• A single user might be covered by multiple ‘per app’ licenses to allow the user to use multiple solutions targeted at various business scenarios, without requiring a per-user license
• Once a pool of Power Apps per app licenses are purchased, individual licenses need to be assigned to specific environments and to individual users (i.e. if the same app exists in two environments, a user would require two per-app SLs to access both).



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