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Sales Accelerator for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Our Sales Accelerator for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM will significantly improve sales & sales management capabilities. Built by a team with over 17 years experience implementing Dynamics CRM for sales organizations across the country our sales accelerator add-on will provide the optimal configuration for:

  • Lead Management
  • Opportunity Management
  • Forecasting
  • Account/Territory Management

Sales Accelerator simplifies sales & sales management by incorporating sales best practices into the sales processes right in CRM guiding users through the right activities, at the right time to produce results. 

Verified – The email address was confirmed as being valid and the mailbox is accepting email

Undeliverable – The email address does not exist

Risky – A risky result means the email address appears to exist, but has quality issues that may result in low engagement or a bounce. Therefore, use caution when sending to risky addresses.

Unknown – The tool will return an unknown result when it was unable to get a response from the recipient’s mail server. This often happens if the destination mail server is too slow or temporarily unavailable.

If the email address is undeliverable or unknown the tool can remove the email address and/or set the do not allow email fields on the lead/contact to prevent email sends to bad email addresses.


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We are also able to run verification on a list of leads/contacts to cleanup your existing data. This will significantly reduce your undeliverable emails and cleanse your data.

Email Verification for Microsoft Dynamics CRM/365 is an inexpensive but very powerful tool that will cleanse your data and significantly increase your email delivery rates.

Pricing starts at $249 per month (no per-user fees) and includes 1000 email verifications per month.

Increase to 5000 verifications per month – Add $100/month
Increase to 20,000 verifications per mointh – Add $175/month
Increase to 50,000 verifications per month – Add $450/month

Free trial available with 50 email verification credits. 

$295.00 per month (no per user fees)