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Sales Accelerator for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Sales Accelerators for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Sales Accelerators for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM are add-on solutions that provide best-practice based sales process and automation to the sales areas of Dynamics 365 CRM. 

We have over 17 years of experience helping businesses evaluate, plan, implement and support Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. We engage with many businesses who worked with other Microsoft partners/consultants to implement CRM. Over time we realized that there was one significant factor leading to CRM project failure – business process was not incorporated into their CRM implementation.

Business process is as important if not more important than the CRM software itself however there is no pre-built, out-of-box sales process in most CRM systems including Dynamics 365 CRM. Hiring a consultant to build this needed business process into CRM is cost prohibitive in many cases.

To solve this significant challenge our team worked with several top national sales experts to build our sales accelerators. We also incorporated input from clients of all sizes and industries over several years to assure our accelerators work out-of-box for most businesses. 

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Not incorporating Business Process in CRM is the Top Reason for CRM Project Failure

Lead Management

Best-practice based process for managing leads/prospects.

Assure every lead is responded to within 1 hour (or the time you set)

Enforce the needed 6-12 follow up activities on all Leads

Automatically schedules activities when leads have no next scheduled sales activity

Automatic alerts when Lead management requirements are not met

Visual sales process making it easy for reps to progress leads through your sales cycle

Tracks all underlying metrics enabling continuous improvement in your sales process

Sales Opportunity Management System

Assure every Sales Opportunity is being followed up on regularly

Automatic notifications when opportunities are not being followed up on

Probability automatically set based on current state of sales process

Simple but very effective forecasting will improve forecast accuracy

Visual opportunity management process to guide sellers through best-practice based process

Accountability for sales reps

Increase Win Rates  

Customer Account Ranking

Account Management processes based on rank

Automatic scheduling of activities for sales

Alerts when accounts are not being properly managed

Customer Surveys*

Visual account management processes to guide account managers through best practices

Improve customer satisfaction and increase sales in existing accounts

*requires Microsoft Forms Pro

InsideView Insights Included
InsideView Insights

Our Sales Accelerators include InsideView Insights, the best business-business database and sales intelligence solution.

Insights provides your sellers access to 20 Million companies & 90 Million decision makers with profile data from over 40,000 sources.

Insights is displayed on Lead, Opportunity, Account and Contact records.

  • View profile data in lead, account and contact screens in Dynamics 365
  • One-click update to add over 80 fields of information to your CRM records
  • Find and add the right contacts
  • Add prospects, customers, competitors to a watchlist and receive automatic email updates
  • Build target lists of companies and contacts, add to CRM with 1-click

full sales analysis app included Know Your Numbers

The most comprehensive Sales Analysis available

Our Sales Analysis app is built on Power BI and includes 9 full page sales dashboards with everything you need to know about your sales performance. 

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