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CRM implementation projects are complex and riddled with landmines that can cause significant issues or even failure. In 2001 Gartner published one of the first studies examining failure rates of CRM initiatives, they found that 47% of projects failed or failed to meet expectations.

Over the last decade and a half failure rates have not decreased substantially. We have discovered, and most industry analysts agree, that there are a limited number of core reasons for  CRM project failure. The reasons do change a bit from enterprise to SMB and slightly by industry but all stem from the same high-level reasons.

Is Failure an Option

Many projects fail after going live. Businesses are not educated or prepared for what needs to be done to properly maintain and support a CRM system. Energy and attention to the project wane, user adoption falls and failure sets in.

To either avoid or recover from a failed CRM initiative there are a number of key items that must be addressed. If you are in recovery mode, it is imperative that the proper steps be taken as a second failure all but assures future recovery will be impossible.  If you are in the pre-launch mode, now is the time to mitigate failure risks.

WE CAN HELP! If you are starting your CRM journey, getting ready to launch or are faced with a failed implementation, you may need expert help to protect the substantial investment in CRM.

The answer is our TOTAL SOLUTION MANAGEMENT service for Microsoft CRM & Dynamics 365.  For a fixed predictable monthly cost, we become your CRM team. Total Solution Management includes four pillars of ongoing services that will increase user adoption.

Ten Business Benefits of Total Solution Management

During the onboarding process, we fully analyze your system, business processes and uses of the system. We discover the issues and challenges you are facing and put together a resolution plan. Our team becomes intimate with your implementation enabling us to become an extension of your organization.


Support is the cornerstone of user adoption and project success.

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Proper preventative maintenance prevents problems from impacting users 

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A CRM solution needs to evolve as your needs change & your business grows

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Ongoing end-user, management & executive training is critical to success

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We offer a no-cost review of your CRM implementation. During this collaborative session, we revisit the
goals and objectives of the project, determine what’s working and not, do a technical level review of your
Microsoft CRM/365 system and educate your team on how to get more out of your investment.

The outcome of this session is a written report summarizing the current state of the system, desired
future state, a road-map on how to achieve future state and any technical level issues we identify.

We are so confident that our Total Solution Management service will provide great value to your organization that we require NO upfront term commitment. We welcome the opportunity to discuss our service with you.

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Total Solution Management for Microsoft CRM & Dynamics 365

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