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Bulk Convert Leads to Accounts & Contacts

Dynamics 365’s lead record structure only allows one contact and one company per lead record. This is a completely different structure than the Account record where there is an account and many contact records can be regarded (linked) to Accounts. Over our 16+ years of implementing Dynamics CRM/365 for businesses across the country, we have consistently heard from users that the Leads area is difficult to train sales reps on and difficult to use as in many sales scenarios the sales rep meets a second contact early in a sales process.

We have developed a solution to migrate all your Lead records to Accounts and Contacts with the contact on the lead automatically regarded (linked) to the Account following the conversion. Additionally, this tool also regards (links) all open and completed activity records to the newly created contact during the conversion process.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 bulk convert qualify leads to accounts

This tool makes it easy to start using the Accounts area of Dynamics CRM/365 for managing both Leads/Prospects and Customer Accounts. Lead/Prospects are identified by a type field on the account record.

Make your Dynamics CRM/365 for Sales system easier to use for your sales team by using our tool to migrate leads to Accounts and Contacts.

Compatible with both Dynamics CRM Online and On-Premise (2013 and up versions)

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