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Leadfeeder for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

LeadFeeder for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365

Leadfeeder for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM will enable you to 
discover the warm leads that are already visiting your website and make them actionable. 

We uncover an average of 124 leads per client/day just from your existing Google Analytics data. Don’t have Google Analytics? Don’t worry, it’s free and we will help you set it up!

We offer a completely integrated solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online. Leads visit your website, LeadFeeder identifies the company and either creates a new lead in Dynamics or updates an existing lead/account with the new visit info. 

FREE 30 Day Trial

Leadfeeder for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM is a website intelligence tool that monitors your website(s) and identifies the companies who are visiting your site. How? Leadfeeder uses Google Analytics data (free from Google) to identify companies using many different data points (like the IP address of the visitor). Leadfeeder shows the company visiting your site, pages they view, where they came from and more!

Our integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM automatically creates new leads in your CRM based on filters you set in Leadfeeder to specify the specific leads you want created in CRM. It also creates visit and pageview records allowing you to view and query on any data about visits including pages visited, sources, top keywords etc. 

Leadfeeder Pricing

Leadfeeder pricing is based on the number of unique leads that can be identified, there is no per-user fees, you can have as many users as you like. 

Requesting a free trial is the best way to review what Leadfeeder can do for your Sales & Marketing and be able to determine the pricing. 

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