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We Fix CRM

Are you struggling with CRM? You are not alone. More than half of our business is helping businesses fix their current Dynamics 365 deployment. 

Strava is one of Microsoft’s top partners for Dynamics 365 (CRM). We have over 18 years of experience helping businesses achieve success with Microsoft CRM/Dynamics 365. 

We see common challenges with CRM projects that have failed or failed to meet expectations:

Top Challenges with CRM
  • Current CRM system is too complex or just not easy to use
  • The CRM system was not properly tailored to the business
  • No sales process incorporated into the CRM, no consistent use
  • Full and proper training was not performed
  • Marketing and Sales are not fully aligned
  • Inaccurate reporting because of disparate use and lack of user adoption
  • Sales is not getting value out of the current CRM system causing poor user adoption 
  • Cannot afford to pay consultants  hourly fees to re-configure the system
Ready to talk about how to fix YOUR CRM?
Does your sales team love the CRM system? They should...

In a recent survey of over 1000 sales professionals, 70% said their CRM system does not add value.

Does your CRM system provide sellers with enough value that they want to use it? If not you likely will never gain good user adoption. 

Let's Fix Your CRM

We have helped over 100 businesses go from CRM challenged to success in under 8 weeks with our FastTrack REFRESH for Dynamics 365.

FastTrack REFRESH includes expert services to analyze the current state of your deployment, build a roadmap to a successful future state, and configure/test/train and launch a refreshed deployment… all in 8 weeks for a fixed fee.

FastTrack Refresh for Dynamics 365

We were struggling with Dynamics 365 and brought Strava in to help re-launch our system. Their FastTrack refresh service took us from a failed state where sales barely used the system to fully adopted and successful in 8 weeks. Now our sales team couldn't live without the CRM system. If you are struggling with Dynamics 365 you need to talk to Strava.

A Full Solution

Your project will be led by a CRM expert who remains with you to fully manage your Dynamics 365 deployment well after it is launched.

FastTrack REFRESH services include:

  • Analysis of the current state of your deployment
  • Development of a roadmap to success
  • Best practice guidance throughout the entire project
  • Configuration, testing, and deployment services
  • Full and proper end-user training
In some cases, through our current state analysis, we collectively determine Dynamics 365 is not the best CRM platform for your business. Dynamics 365 is an enterprise solution that can be too complex and expensive for an SMB company.
There is an alternative, Microsoft powered CRM solution built specifically for SMB’s – Power-CRM

A key component of FastTrack REFRESH that allows us to fully relaunch your system in 8 weeks for an affordable fixed cost are the pre-built tools included:

  • Pre-configured, configurable, best-practice sales processes for Lead/Prospect Account Management, Sales Opportunity Management, and Forecasting as well as Customer Account Management.
  • Sales process workflows
  • Capture of over 36 underlying sales metrics to support continual improvement
  • Complete set of comprehensive sales analysis dashboards. There are 10 full pages of sales analysis containing over 50 sales graphs, charts, and KPI’s.
  • Built-in sales & marketing intelligence powered by InsideView Insights, the leading B2B database.

One of the top reasons for CRM failure is lack of proper ongoing solution management. 

It is just not possible to think of every needed configuration needed upfront. Also, the CRM system needs to change and adapt with your business. 

Unfortunately in a lot of cases the system becomes stagnant very quickly because management will not approve additional investment in “consulting services” without seeing success and ROI. Additionally, most small-mid size businesses (SMB) cannot afford an in-house CRM admin resource. 

FastTrack REFRESH includes Total Solution Management, full ongoing support, and managed services where we manage your Dynamics 365 solution ongoing. More info. 

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